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Creative Kids Club, visual arts, music, movement and dramatic activities

The Creative Kids Club is enrichment program for children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 4. 

Our curriculum uses the visual arts, music, movement, and dramatic activities to develop creativity.


The arts involve words, images, sounds, movement and touch. Within our visual art curriculum

we will use painting, drawing, building and assembling to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills,

in addition to shape and color recognition. Moving to music and inventing dances, counting out the number of beats,

and recognizing patterns encourage listening and early number number  recognition skills.

Animated story time, creative dramatics, and puppets promote imagination, language, and social skills. 


We believe through the arts, children can be introduced to different ways of exploring the world

in a remarkable and unique environment. Our goal is to let children take the lead,

and provide them with a wide range of artistic materials and experiences

to help them portray their distinctive and individual perception of the world.


CKC Schedule

Monday and Wednesday



Price per Month


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